Sunday, April 3

~ Fighting=) ~

The result was out 2 days ago and yet I was still in the TOP 10. Huuu~ All my hardwork( everyday just slept 3 hours ) finally paid! But, my addmaths and biology are weak and I should start my plan from now.

Anyway, just KEEP IT UP!

Tuition, tuition and tuition, sometimes I am so tired in getting rid with all those tuitions.

No more WEEKENDS this year! I have 4 tuitions every weekend and now I have my driving lessons!! 4 more hours to go and I will be having my third driving lesson!!! Oh man my sterling is still so poor and it was quite scary to drive on the BUSY road yesterday! I really hope that today my driving skill and controlling the sterling and pedal will IMPROVE.

I realise that I really do not have enough time to study during weekends.

Am I having too many tuitions?

I think so.

The 1st semester exam is coming soon and I do not have the choice to cancel some tuitions.

All tuitions seem so important for me and I cannot miss any...

No choice, just try my best=)

Probation period is also coming soon!! Wuu it will be a new great challenge for me! I promise that I will not treat my juniors like what my seniors treated us last year, jia you all juniors!

I will let you feel that you're making a good choice for choosing our department!

What a tiring and stressful weekend,

but I have to continue going through it!=D Take care=))


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